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The FAQs below should cover most course queries.

The Weekly Class and Weekend Course pages also have a lot of info.

Day 1

While the weekend courses have specific topics listed, I take an individual approach with everyone so if you are a complete beginner or haven’t worked with clay for a long time to introduce/reintroduce you to ceramics I’d start you on what’s called a press-mould bowl.

The press-mould (this is a plaster mould in a particular shape that we form the clay into) is a great way to get used to the clay and tools etc. and you’ll get to learn a lot without the worry of what is it!  At any rate it’s a decent sized bowl (about 30cm diameter) and we have a few designs you can choose from.

Then this bowl can be used to explore some decorating techniques such as coloured slip decoration and other methods like carving, cutting, splashing, modelling, resists or the use of mixed media with slips.

That bowl usually takes about one day to complete.  If time permits you can do another small piece on day one or prep. for day two depending on your chosen option.

After decorating, the bowl will be dried naturally and then biscuit fired in the kiln and then glazed at a later date and collected after the second glaze firing. This can take 6-8 weeks depending on the firing schedule and what glazing option you choose.

Normally people attend a one off night class to glaze their pieces, a single class is €30.

Hand built bowl with Sgraffito surface decoration at Dublin based ceramic course. Later electric fired to 1260°C (Cone 8). www.ceramicforms.com

Day 2

If you are doing a second day you would work on another piece of your own choice – depending on the course theme this could be a lamp, jug, wall piece, vase, garden piece, sculpture – the list goes on!  We can discuss your area of interest on the day.

I run workshops on a Saturday and/or Sunday once a month, all year round.

You can attend for 1 or 2 days – however you must pre-register for Weekends!

Please note weekend courses are very popular & weekend courses usually sell out – please fill in this course register form if you would like to be notified about weekend courses.

Details of how the courses work are on the Weekend Courses page. 

michelle_maher_ceramic_forms_porcelainAbsolutely, beginners are especially welcome.

Because of the small class size and the positive atmosphere in the classes you will be surprised at what you can achieve in a short space of time.

Contrary to what you might believe you do not have to be “creative” to do pottery or ceramics.  All you need is a willingness to learn and I will teach you the rest.  If you are not convinced take a look at the Gallery of Students Work.

Most of my students started with me as total beginners.

  • You can pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card (through SumUp) and by PayPal – whichever is easier for you.  If you wish to pay by card via SumUp there is a facility to do it at the studio or I can send you a payment link.
  • All classes/workshops are payable in advance.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable and 48 hours notice is required for cancellation.  Full terms and conditions.
  • Please remember to confirm availability by email before paying your deposit.

***For security reasons please do not send your Debit or Credit Cards details to me by email or text.***

No, we specialise in hand-built ceramics in all my courses.  Throwing on the wheel is not available.

We cover the following hand building methods: press moulds, hump moulds, slab building, soft slabbing, coiling, pinching, patches, quilting, modelling – tailoring the method to your individual project.  Your approach can be sculptural or functional, representational or abstracted – the choice is yours and in the small class size I offer – you will be guided right through the project from building to decorating to glazing.

Please note: Quilting and Patches are only covered in weekend courses.

Apologies – gift vouchers for 6 week courses and weekend courses are currently unavailable – all classes are full and a waiting list applies!

I will reintroduce vouchers when the waiting list clears; but at the moment gift vouchers are not available.

If you want to purchase a voucher for someone who is currently attending my courses that’s no problem as they already have a place, please contact me and we can make arrangements.

If your voucher is out of date please contact me and I’m sure we will be able to sort something out.  If you lost the original voucher I can check my records and trace it for you.

If you already have a voucher and courses are full please email me and I will put you on the waiting list.

Yes, due to the small class size everyone works on individual projects at their own level and pace.  The classes are tailored to develop your skills to whatever level you want to achieve.  Some of my students have studied Art or Ceramics at University level and now attend the classes to enhance their 3-D skills in clay.

michelle_maher_ceramic_formsNo, classes are ongoing all year round.  We don’t start new courses in September or January you can join a class at any time, provided a space is available.

However, all weekly pottery classes are currently full and a waiting list applies.

Please fill in this course register form if you would like to be placed on the waiting list – I will definitely get you a place – it’ll just take some time!  Apologies for the delay.

Yes, it is on the 37 bus route from Dublin City Centre.  The journey takes about 45-75 minutes, depending on traffic.  I will send further details after you book your class.

Always check that I am available before travelling.  Please note it is a private studio, I’m afraid I cannot accommodate drop-ins.

After you book a place on a course I will send you full directions by email.  Always check that I am available before travelling.   Please note it is a private studio, I’m afraid I cannot accommodate drop-ins.

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