120°  is a large-scale ceramic wall sculpture.  My inspiration for this piece comes from reoccuring polygon patterns in nature – pentagons, hexagons, heptagons.  From pollen grains to coral – we often see these formations. (See below for full inspiration story.)

The work is deeply textured to reflect the intricacies we see in these forms in nature.  These pieces were individually hand built and modelled in a stoneware clay body.  No two pieces are the same.

  • 120°  is currently on exhibit at Sculpture in Context 2018 in the indoor gallery space of the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.  The show is open daily until 19th October, admission is free (small fee for catalogue, available in visitor centre).

Dimensions: overall 72cm H x 165 cm W x 5 cm D.

Available for Sale at the exhibition and priced individually from €350 to €850 each.

Overall Price: €9,000 (15 pieces).