Side View…one of my favourites

Ceramic wall sculpture - 'The Space In Between' by Michelle Maher. Shown here at Sculpture in Context 2017 at The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. It is inspired by the microscopic world of plant cells – in particular, vascular bundles in plant stems. Consisting of 106 pieces it was hand built in a cranked clay body and high fired in an electric kiln to 1260 C.

The Space In Between

“There is a crack in everything…That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen (Anthem, 1992.)


Side view at the Great Palm House, the National Botanic Gardens.  I actually love it from this angle! 😊

Sculpture in Context runs till 20th October 2017.

All sculptures at this exhibition are for sale, including my own! (my pieces vary from €25 – €675 each) 😊  Sales queries are handled in the Gallery upstairs in the Visitors Centre.

Open daily and admission is free.  Do pick up a map and catalogue (€3) at reception – 150 sculptures to see!

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