The Space In Between is a large-scale ceramic wall sculpture.  The inspiration for the sculpture is two-fold.  Firstly, it is inspired by the microscopic world of plant cells – in particular, vascular bundles in plant stems when we see them in cross-section.  Then, there is the space in between these cells, and what this might represent for us emotionally.  This piece represents a moment – the space in between knowing and not knowing – and how as artists, we learn to lean in to these spaces, however uncomfortable they might be. (Full inspiration story here.)

All 106 pieces were individually hand built and modelled in a grogged stoneware clay body.  No two pieces are the same.  The surface decoration was very important in this sculpture as well as the use of colour and texture.

As always with my work, the idea of the connection of these pieces to each other and to the space they are exhibited in – is central.

  • The Space In Between was on exhibit at Sculpture in Context 2017 in the Great Palm House of the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin.  

Dimensions: overall 2.4m H x 1.2m W.

Price: €9,500 (106 pieces).