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The Weekly Class and Weekend Course pages also have a lot of info.

Please Note: All courses are exclusively taught by Michelle Maher.

Day 1

While the weekend courses have specific topics listed, I take an individual approach with everyone so if you are a complete beginner or haven’t worked with clay for a while to introduce/reintroduce you to ceramics I’d start you on what’s called a press-mould bowl.

The press-mould (this is a plaster mould in a particular shape that we form the clay into) is a great way to get used to the clay and tools etc. and you’ll get to learn a lot without the worry of what is it!  At any rate it’s a decent sized bowl (about 30cm diameter) and we have a few designs you can choose from.

Then this bowl can be used to explore some decorating techniques such as coloured slip decoration and other methods like carving, cutting, splashing, modelling, resists or the use of mixed media with slips.

That bowl usually takes about one day to complete.  If time permits you can do another small piece on day one or prep. for day two depending on your chosen option.

After decorating, the bowl will be dried naturally and then biscuit fired in the kiln and then you glaze it at a later date and then collect after the second glaze firing. This can take 6-8 weeks depending on the firing schedule and what glazing option you choose.

Normally people attend a one off weekly class to glaze their pieces; a single 2 hour glaze class is €45.

Day 2

If you are doing a second day you would work on another piece – depending on the course topic this could be a lamp, jug, wall piece, vase, garden piece, sculpture – the list goes on!  We can discuss your area of interest on the day.

No, I provide all tools and materials.  However, it is a good idea to wear an old shirt or apron to protect your clothes and please bring your own small towel for personal use.

Please wear a Face Mask and practice hand and surface hygiene in the studio.

Course training fees include all materials (clay & decorating slips), use of studio equipment & pottery tools, ceramic glazes & firing of work.  Fair usage applies.


Absolutely, beginners are especially welcome.

Classes are suitable for all skills levels as the class size is small – maximum of seven students – so everyone is taught individually and at their own pace.

First-class tuition is guaranteed on my courses. In the intensive environment that we offer you will be trained on a huge range of technical skills for ceramics.  We also pride ourselves on a very positive learning environment.

→ We learn by doing in pottery and in these very practical courses you will develop the skills necessary to create ceramics to a very high standard.

  • You can pay on my website by credit or debit card (SumUp).
  • All classes/workshops are payable in advance.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Full terms and conditions.

***For security reasons please do not send your Debit or Credit Cards details to me by email or text.***

No, we specialise in hand-built ceramics in all my training courses.  Throwing on the wheel is not available.

We cover the following hand building methods: press moulds, hump moulds, slab building, soft slabbing, coiling, pinching, patches, quilting, modelling & sculpting – tailoring the method so that it is appropriate to the project or task in hand.

Depending on the area of learning – our approach can be sculptural or functional, representational or abstracted.  And in the small class size I offer, you will be given the ceramic skills necessary to guide you right through the project from building & construction to surface decorating and glazing/firing.

In a word – Yes!

My courses are an intensive skilled based learning environment.  Ceramics is as much a science as anything else – in that an array of technical skills are needed to actually create fired ceramics.  Here, at Ceramic Forms we have the knowledge and experience to offer intensive training in ceramics for our students and the teaching skills needed to break down the process step by step so that the process is manageable.

I’m afraid not.  It’s a private studio and unfortunately I cannot accommodate drop-in visitors.

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