Seeing Red is an outdoor ceramic water sculpture.  The piece is currently on exhibit at CONNECTED at Kilkenny Castle Gardens from 30 July – 20 October 2020.

The piece is located in the beautiful rose garden and is part of a Sculpture Trail run by the National Design & Craft Gallery of over 30 pieces in the historic city of Kilkenny.

Artist Statement

“This sculpture arose during COVID-19 lockdown at a time when connection was never more important and yet in many ways it was easy to feel disconnected.  As we emerge from lockdown this sculpture has been my way of reconnecting with my own creativity.

The idea of connection has always been important to my ceramic practice. Firstly, my connection to clay as a material is very strong and of course connecting ceramics and water has been a big part of my journey.

And so, Seeing Red was a powerful way to process what was happening around me.  To see our fragility as a species and yet the strength that is there too.

Ceramics holds these two principals of vulnerability and resilience at its core.  I am interested as a maker in exploring these fundamentals.”

Dimensions & Price

60 cm H x 38cm Diameter (large pieces €2,500 each)

47cm H x 28 cm Diameter (smaller pieces €1,500 each)

 €8,000 (all four pieces)

Available for sale – please contact National Design & Craft Gallery.