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Award winning ceramic water sculpture by Michelle Maher - Symmetry at Blarney Castle, Co. Cork. Inspired by Dahlia and Coral forms, it was sculpted in my own grogged paper clay body and high fired in an electric kiln. Symmetry is now part of the permanent collection at Blarney Castle.

“Her work lends itself very well to garden application.  From the rustic to the suburban, any garden space would be enhanced by her ceramics, which have been moulded and plied by Michelle’s distinctive talent and energy.”

Marie Devine

The Irish Garden Magazine.

Featured in Irish Ceramics book (2014) by John Goode (Millcove Gallery).

Irish Ceramics, by John Goode

A number of my sculptures were featured in Sylvia Thompson’s book, Hands On: The Art of Crafting in Ireland (2012).

Hands On: The Art of Crafting in Ireland, by Sylvia Thompson

TV interview for The Morning Show on TV3 with Martin King, August 2012.

Featured in “Artistic Endeavour” in The Irish Times Magazine, 30 June 2012.

Featured in “Hands On”, in The Irish Times, 26th February, 2011.

My piece, Pollen Hotspot, was featured on TV3’s Ireland AM, 2nd June 2011.

Amelie, on RTE 1 News 5th June 2010.

Amelie, The Sunday Times Magazine, 6th June 2010.

Pollen Hotspot, The Irish Times, 10th August 2009.


Pollen Hotspot at Kilkenny Arts Festival, on RTE 1 News, 8th & 9th August 2009.

Pollen Hotspot, RTE 1’s Nationwide, Dec. 2009.

Featured on the RTE 1 TV series How Long Will You Live?, Feb. 2009.

Filing How Long Will You Live? on RTE One

Featured in The Irish Times, 16th August 2008.

TV appearance on the RTE show Written Off, in 2008.

“Throwing a new design on life”, The Irish Times, 10th July 2007.

Interviewed on the Ireland AM show on TV3, June 2007.

“Crafty Idea”, The Irish Times Magazine, 16th June 2007.

“Dynamic Ceramics” feature article in March 2006 edition of The Irish Garden magazine.

Interviewed for The Arts Show on Tipp FM, 21st June 2005.

Interviewed on Morning Call, Tipp Mid-West Radio, June 2005.

“Two Dublin based artists for Excel exhibition” The Clonmel Nationalist, 11th June 2005.

“Up to her waist in water…” The Clonmel Nationalist, 16th October 2004.

The Age of Christ, The View on RTE 1, 5th October 2004.

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