Barnardos National Children’s Charity

In 2012, I completed a large-scale commission for the Barnardos charity.  Working in collaboration we created an 8m long ceramic wall sculpture inspired by the Aurora Borealis, the river Tolka and the science of bubbles.

Dimensions: 8 m length

The Project

Four groups of people came together to make this art project possible – myself, the staff at Barnardos & most importantly the parents & children who attend the Mulhuddart Family Support Centre.

This project was about bringing people together to create something special.  We drew our inspiration from the children’s art work, the flow of our local river Tolka, the Northern Lights & the science of bubbles.

It is “of the children, by the children, for the children…” and it is impossible to tell where any of us begins or ends in the piece – in essence it captures a moment of pure joy.

A special word of gratitude to the children who made this piece possible – for all the smiling faces, for your energy and for the beautiful work you created – thank you – we are forever connected in the creation of this art work.

Michelle Maher (2012)